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Get Backup Power and Comfort in
Orlando With Solar Panels

Orlando’s Sustainable Energy Solution

Orlando is warm, sunny and humid, making it ideal for solar equipment. Florida residents use the sixth highest electricity a month, probably due to air conditioning. With Kiara Energy Solution solar panels, you can enjoy Orlando’s lifestyle or calm down and save on your electricity bill. Sunshine is one of the top five solar power states. This potential power sends more sunlight to the solar panels and increases the rate of return on investment. Orlando’s goal is to move to 100% renewable energy by 2050 with 233 daylight hours per year. Join the momentum of the Orlando sun by generating and storing your own clean and affordable energy.

Harness Orlando’s Solar Potential

Orlando’s solar prices are usually lower than in other parts of Florida and significantly lower than US6 as a whole, allowing homeowners to keep their upfront costs low. The cost per watt of Orlando’s solar panels is generally lower because Florida homes use more electricity than anywhere else in the country. This high power consumption makes Florida’s average solar array more prominent and lowers its selling price per watt.

You Can Bank on Solar

Florida residents pay an average monthly energy charge of $ 126.44, which is 13% higher than the national average. These numbers make it a wise investment to install residential solar in Orlando. In September 2019, the average cost of Orlando solar panels was $ 2.58 per watt. Orlando’s typical 5 kW solar system costs between $ 10,922 and $ 14,778. After considering all the incentives, your net price can drop by thousands of dollars. In addition, Orlando has an average payback period of 8.47 years, saving $ 34,967 over 20 years.

Solar Savings Types Value of Savings
Property Tax Exemption Avg Savings $15,000
Sales Tax Exemption Solar System Sales Tax Exemption
Federal Solar Tax Credit 26% federal solar tax credit is available for home solar systems installed by December 31, 2022
Other Programs Variable (Net Metering)

The customer’s ability to monetize rebates, incentives and tax credits depends on the government’s ongoing subsidies for these policies, the applicable Kiara Energy Solution product type, and whether the customer buys a Kiara solar system or rents an energy solution. It depends on several factors, such as.

Power Through Blackouts

Florida knows about hurricanes, and Sunshine is ranked in the top 10 for power outages. Be prepared to store your solar cells in Orlando before the next storm.

In Florida, Kiara Energy Solution solar panels give you energy independence to keep your lights on, refrigerator cold, and WiFi.

Rebates and Credits Make Solar Affordable

Incentive reduces the cost of solar power in Orlando. You can take advantage of government incentives such as property tax exemption on the value added to your home from the cost of your system. In addition, the purchased system is exempt from state sales tax, so you can save 6% immediately. OUC offers up to $ 900 rebates for solar panel installations and is eligible for up to $ 1,000 rebates from some energy providers20.

The city of Orlando is helping homeowners improve their energy efficiency and reduce their utility bills. Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) program lower than property. The 4,444 solar companies in Orlando are eligible for the state’s solar tax credit. Install the installation home. This benefit will continue until December 31, 2022. By 2023, the housing tax credit will be reduced to 22%. Tax credits for private solar systems will end in 2024. So the era of solar energy is now. In addition, it is calculated by Orlando’s net energy metering. 24 Solar homeowners receive total sales per kilowatt of electricity supplied to the grid from the power company. Even with 4-grid power, your monthly bill based on energy credits can be $ 0.25. Florida produces about 30% more energy than the northern states, making net metering attractive.

Solar Offers Orlando a Bright Energy Future

Make your home a great place to live with lower utility bills and less reliance on fossil fuels. Kiara Energy Solutions offers affordable solar panels to meet almost all energy needs and continue to power all year round for comfort and power outages. We are a leading local residential solar installer in Central Florida. If you are considering solar at home, please contact us for a free custom quote. Together we make the future of Orlando’s energy clean and bright.